Get your Car Steam Car Spa by automating Detailizer


  • Exterior Foam Wash
  • Scrubbing Panels / Seats / Floormats
  • Steam Car Spa
  • Dashboard Polish
  • Boot Cleaning
  • Ac Vent Cleaning
  • Tyre Rubbing & Polish

Steam Car Spa

In order to protect your vehicle for many years to come, Automate Detailerz offers a wide range of exterior and interior detailing services that meet the highest standards of finish and quality. We use the best materials and meticulous procedures as a company that works hard to provide the highest caliber of services to our clients, in order to deliver an unrivalled level of quality and finish.

WHAT IS Steam CAR Spa?

A motorcycle or car needs to be meticulously detailed, which requires a number of steps to be completed by qualified individuals in the right order. It is much more than a simple interior and exterior vehicle wash! Our expert team will typically take the following actions after the inspection, but they are not limited to them.

An express foam wash from Automate Detailerz is a safer and healthier for your car. The high-pressure water and soap used in this process cause no damage to the vehicle’s surface. The foaming agents will remove the dirt while not causing any damage to the paint. The chance of scuffing will be reduced as a result. The car will also appear shiny and clean with a high-quality foam wash. A well-kept vehicle will last longer.


We spend a lot of time inside our cars, so having a nice, fresh-smelling, smell-free interior is important for our comfort while driving for extended periods of time.

At Automate Detailerz, interior detailing is handled with the utmost precision and care. Beyond a thorough cleaning, our deep cleaning also includes STEAM SPA. This is a delicate task because automotive interiors contain a variety of materials with varying properties, such as plastics, wood finishes, vinyl, leather, fabric, or synthetic upholstery. We use a range of cleaning techniques and can customise the packages based on the needs of our clients to deliver a deep and long-lasting level of interior detailing and quality of finish.

How it’s done

  1. Exterior Foam Wash
  2. Interiors wash (scrubbing of Seats, Door Panels, Floor mats & roof)
  3. Vacuum
  4. Boot Cleaning
  5. Ac vents Cleaning
  6. Dash Board polish & Tyre polish
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